A subsidiary of Desyde and Itium.

We officialy launched apex-cloud on march 25 at the APEX WORLD 2015 conference, the biggest APEX-only event worldwide.

We are enthousiastic about Oracle APEX en believe it is an excellent tool for building Cloud based web applications. We see a rapid growing use and adaptation among our customers and the Oracle community in general.

Our service is unique because:

  • It is managed, we have a DBA-team standby. There is no need to invest in DBA’s or DBA knowledge.
  • Have a high security setting. We are ISO27001 certified.
  • Dutch based, which means EU data protection law is applicable.
  • Can offer development support.

A professional and dedicated Oracle APEX Platform-as-a-Service (Paas).

About Desyde

Desyde is a leading provider in the field of process optimization and IT. Desyde is an Oracle Gold partner, since 1993 we have an extensive expertise in Oracle and Java technology available.

We are an enterprise with ambition in which innovation, creativity, collaboration with customers and independence are essential. Desyde guarantees the delivery of quality!

Desyde supports its affiliates with the analysis, enhancement, optimization and further automation of (internal and external) business processes. This continuously enables the relations of Desyde to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible in an ever changing environment and they can therefore take full advantage of the possibilities of the latest technological developments.

About Itium

ITIUM is specialized in the rapid application development of Web, Cloud and Mobile applications based on Oracle APEX technology.

It is our mission to be a partner for our clients in the ever faster changing and IT-driven world of today. The ingredients we use are experience, knowledge, drive and the right tools.

Over the years we have build and helped numerous customers with the development of Oracle APEX applications adding value to the business leveraging the possibilities of modern technology.