Fixed Fee

Our fixed fee includes:

  • Infrastructure up-and-running 24*7
  • Monitoring 24 * 7
  • First-class hardware
  • Daily backup


Our solution is cost-effective:

  • Oracle DBA team stand-by
  • For additional wishes you only pay the hours actually spend

All our plans include

A rich default set of options:

  • Secure acces to the database (SSH)
  • Secure acces to webspace (FTP)
  • Apache FOP support


Our Managed Private Cloud Plans

Configure the solution that best meets your needs

Managed Private Clouds Plans (Dedicated)
(  /month)
Service Level
+ €
Monitoring 24*7*365
Daily backup
Restore possible
Access APEX admin Workspace
Mail Support
Support Office Hours
Patching Database
Telephone Support
Support 24 * 7
Patching APEX
Self Service deployment
2 vCPU
4 vCPU
+ €
Tablespace (GB)
+ €
Webspace (GB)
+ €
Oracle Database License
+ €
Oracle license and prices are subject to approval by Oracle and may differ.
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Custom Options & additional info

Contract Period: 12 months

prices may change after the contract period ends
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I migrate to

We have developed an on-boarding proces for the migration of existing applications to the cloud.

Can I use all PL/SQL packages?

Yes, you can use all PL/SQL packages.

I have a question?

If you have a question just mail it to and we get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I request development support?

Yes, we can assist you with application development and related task, we have a team of experienced APEX developers. Just give us a call or email to

What kind of License do I need?

The kind of license you needs depends on the nr of CPU's and the use of your application. You need an Oracle SE2 CPU license that matches the number of CPU's. In addition if your application is used by other organisations (as is the case in a SAAS scenario) you need an extra PAH agreement from Oracle. We have experience with and can assist you with obtaining the PAH agreement.

All our plans include

The table below shows all the default options included in all our plans.

All our plans include
Oracle Software
Oracle RDBMS 12C
Glassfish Server - latest
ORDS (Apex Listener) - latest
Oracle APEX
Latest version
APEX Webservices
APEX email
Webspace (FTP)
APEX Workspace
Database (SSH)
Glassfish server
OS (linux)
SSL (https://)
Apache FOP support
Fair Use Policy
Contractual Terms
1 Year

1  You can access your database with additional tools like TOAD or Oracle SQL Developer through a VPN Client connection. This ensures our high security standards. (Access to SYS and SYSTEM not allowed.)

2  Our network and infrastructure is redundant and monitored 24*7*365.

3  Your data and applications are save. We have a high security standard (ISO 27001) and Dutch Law is applicable which means your data is save from the USA Patriot Act.

4  You can consume or publish webservices using APEX Shared Components.

5  Send email using APEX_MAIL package.

6  Use's SSH certificate or use your own certificate.

7  Make beautiful pdf documents using Apache FOP support in ORDS.