We are at APEX Connect 2015 by DOAG

APEX Connect 2015 by DOAG

  June 9 & 10

We are Hosting APEX 5.0

With the growing adoption of APEX 5.0 we have upgraded our servers. APEX-Cloud.com is now fully prepared to host your APEX 5.0 applications. If you’re looking for a reliable and solid partner for hosting your newly built APEX 5.0 applications, you’re at the right place.

Off course older versions of APEX are still supported, but why wouldn’t you upgrade? Custom upgrade paths are also supported by our service.

  May 23

We are at OGH APEX World 2015

Official launch of APEX-CLOUD.COM at the APEX WORLD 2015 conference, the biggest APEX-only event worldwide.


  March 25

We are ready to launch!

On-boarding our fist customers


  March 25